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Tony Price's longtime wish was to create a place where the complete collection of his Atomic Art could be made available for the public to view, experience and be inspired. To anyone who visited the famed TENGAM exhibition space in Santa Fe, Biospehre2 in Oracle, Arizona, the Atomic Art Gallery in SOHO, or any of Tony Price's studios and exhibits, it was clear that while each individual work was certainly effective on its own, experiencing a group of his sculpture together, in one place, was far more impactful. Indeed his works are, in the words of his longtime friend Godfrey Reggio, "individual voices that speak best as a chorus". In keeping with this sentiment, and Tony's own wishes, plans are being developed to create such a facility to house his final remaining collection of 144 sculptures. Several locations and options have been discussed and it is hoped that a commitment to one of them can be made soon. These drawings represent an artist rendering of what kind of environment could be possible depending on how the final vision of this permanent home evolves. If you wish to contribute time, talents, suggestons, or resources to this effort, please contact:


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